Randy Lau getting the Funk out.

Randy Lau is a super talented guitar player hailing from Hong Kong, currently residing in Cambridge, UK where I had the privilege of teaching and couching him. His influences include Jason Becker, Randy Rhoads and Marty Friedman amongst many others, and they shine through in his improvisations and stylistic approach.

Randy recently discovered Nuno Bettencourt and is now totally enthused by the tapping arpeggios Nuno uses in many of Extreme’s tunes. Nuno is not only a technical virtuoso but has a lot of feel to his playing and great sense of composition. The whole of Extreme’s ‘Pornograffiti‘ album boils over with funky riffs, catchy hooks and blazing guitar playing.

Randy recently did a concert for ‘Cambridge School of Visual and Performing Arts‘ where he studied, and pulled off the above song, as well as ‘He-man woman hater and Flight of the wounded bumblebee‘ with grace and conviction far beyond his 18 years on this planet.

Randy will now be moving to London where he will continue his musical studies and I wish him the best in life and his musical career. Keep an eye on this kid!

– Randy, it was a privilege teaching you mate!