Jazz Guitar Lessons Peterborough

Jazz guitar lessons PeterboroughTired of hearing the same lifeless music on the radio to work? Tired of the same old predictable regurgitation of the same song? Then my friend, you are in need of some Jazz!

Jazz is all about the II V I (2,5,1) progression and at John Welch School of Guitar Jazz courses we will look extensively on how to approach this vast subject and take the mystery out of playing Jazz.

As important as Jazz Melody and Harmony is, Jazz Rhythm (Swing) is just as important and arguably the most important factor playing convincingly over Jazz standards. This is not merely a matter of timing but also of accents and putting emphasis on the 2nd and 4th beats instead of the 1st and 3rd.

To play Jazz you have to listen to Jazz. Listen to it a lot! Listen to John Coltrane playing Lush Life or Pat Martino playing Footprints… Jazz is the epitome of bringing all facets of music together. Soul, Technique, Harmony, Complex Rhythms, the whole package!

Here are just a few things we will work on and learn about in our Jazz guitar courses:

  • Effective use of the Pentatonic and Blues Scales
  • Effective use of the Melodic Minor Scale and its Modes
  • Right Hand Technique and Posture
  • Left hand Technique and Posture
  • Making sense of the Guitar Neck
  • Finger Style Playing
  • Hybrid Picking
  • Jazz Timing and understanding Swing
  • Major and Minor Scales, Modes and Tonality
  • Mastering the Modes
  • Understanding the ambiguity of the Dominant 7th Chord
  • Superimposition and Substitution
  • Mastering Chord Changes
  • Accurate Right Hand Picking
  • Practise Regimen
  • Getting the best results from of your practise time
  • Jazz Guitar Repertoire and Standards
  • Jazz Improvisation
  • Chord Melodies
  • Comping
  • Forcing your will on unsuspecting air molecules
  • How to leave the competition in your dust!

Get to the next level in your Jazz guitar playing and become the guitar player you deserve to be!

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