Guitar lessons for Seniors

Guitar lessons for seniors Peterborough

Am I too old to start playing guitar?

I have been asked this question so often and here is what I think…

You are never too old to start learning anything! From learning to work your new smart phone to learning an instrument, you can do it!

As we get older, life has a way of making us doubt ourselves and wondering if what we start anew will bear fruit. I remember when I was a kid how life seemed to be an open book, filled with blank pages for me to write upon and colour in whatever I fancied. Growing a little older new endeavours seem somewhat daunting maybe and I understand that very well indeed.

However with a proper and systematic approach, learning the guitar is as much possible if you are 70 as if you are 7!

I have tutored many mature adults from 50 upwards and I can say for certain that it is one of the most rewarding experiences. I love seeing a 60 year old gentleman’s eyes light up when able to play “Apache” or “Highway Star”. Or some Hendrix tune or “Stairway to Heaven”…

These are the moments I live for as a guitar teacher. A simple, fundamental joy in the hearts of my students. Young or older, you can learn to play the guitar with confidence and have a lot of fun in the process!


For all students over 50 years of age I offer a discounted rate for guitar lessons. (Please note that this is only applicable during weekdays 9AM – 4PM) These lessons are all One-to-One.

£25 for a 1 hour private lesson

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