About John

Before I moved to the United Kingdom I have been playing guitar professionally for the past two decades in various bands and shows in South Africa where I was born and grew up. I studied Jazz at the Tshwane University of Technology and carved out quite a reputation as a guitar player, headlining music festivals and doing a lot of session work for a wide variety of bands of different genres.

Between shows and rehearsals I have been running a very successful guitar teaching school and teaching countless people the secrets to playing on the guitar that which they hear in their mind.

I then decided to move to the United Kingdom and broaden my horizons, and have not since looked back! I have now opened my brand new guitar school: “John Welch School of Guitar” to help people with the desire to learn play like their heroes,  reach their dreams and realise their desires upon the guitar.

I specialise in technical guitar playing with keeping in the heart the passion and expression of blues guitar. I also teach Song writing, Theory, Arranging, Ear Training, Music Analysis and Appreciation amongst many other music related topics.

Have a look at people who inspire me on a daily basis right here!