One to One courses

One to one guitar courses PeterbroughIndividual guitar lessons for adults and children in Peterborough.

Improve your guitar playing in a short space of time with astounding results.


During our one to one lessons, you will be guided through a variety of guitar styles and the individual approach in a relaxed, disruption free atmosphere will help you explore the best and fastest ways in which you learn.

We will work towards mastering guitar techniques and setting clear goals towards the process thereof. We will also cover a lot of recorded material by world renowned artists to apply these techniques as soon as possible into your own playing!

We will learn to understand Melody, Harmony and Rhythm (the three pillars of music) and apply the knowledge gained and techniques learnt to real-life scenarios, helping you discover and develop your very own musical edge in the process.

One to one guitar lessons is one of the surest and fastest ways to set you on the road to becoming confident in playing whatever music resides in your head and turning it into art.

Embark on the Musical Journey of a lifetime!


£30 for a 1 hour private lesson

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