On-line Guitar Courses

Online guitar lessonsNow you can study with me wherever you find yourself in the world!


Receive lessons from me on-line via Skype from the comfort of your own home without the need to travel! Lessons follow a similar format as One to One lessons but with even more choice.

  • ‘Live’ Skype lessons in real-time.

This is a normal lesson running for 1 hour where we can communicate and play live via Skype. Lessons are tailored for the individual student and works exactly like Private Lessons.

As opposed to One-on-One lessons, live Skype lessons are flexible and can be booked per lesson in advance. Monthly fees do not apply.

Please note that a good internet connection is required for this format!

  • Correspondence Lessons.

These lessons are pre-recorded and mailed to the student to work on at his or her convenience. The student will then mail me their progress back in the form of a video and I will comment on their performance and progress via my next lesson to them. They will have access to their own on-line account with all material and videos like all other students.

Please note that Correspondence lessons will take the form of both Video and work material in PDF form and does not correlate to a specified length of time. Correspondence lessons are charged monthly for 4 lessons.


Real-time Skype lessons: £25for a 1 hour Skype lesson.

Booking your Course:

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