Rock Guitar Lessons Peterborough

Rock guitar lessons PeterboroughWould you like to play like Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page or Slash?

Would you like to improve your Rock playing and sound like your heroes?

At John Welch School of Guitar we will give you the tools and knowledge to send your Rock guitar Playing into the stratosphere and step forward into the limelight and melt faces!

We will show you how players like George Lynch and Yngwie Malmsteen play lightning fast runs, how Slash will construct catchy riffs and how David Gilmour tells a story with but one note!

With our weekly Rock guitar courses and regular practise you will make your dreams a reality!

Here are just a few things we will work on and learn about in our Rock guitar courses:

  • Effective use of the Pentatonic and Blues Scales
  • Right Hand Technique and Posture
  • Left hand Technique and Posture
  • Making sense of the Guitar Neck
  • Sweep Picking
  • Rock Timing
  • Major and Minor Scales and Tonality
  • Mastering the Modes
  • Fast Right Hand Picking
  • Practise Regimen
  • Getting the best results from of your practise time
  • Rock Guitar Repertoire and Standards
  • Two Hand Tapping
  • Hybrid Picking
  • Finger Style
  • Rock Improvisation
  • Power Slides, Stances and not being blinded by the spotlight
  • How to leave the competition in your dust!

Get to the next level in your Rock guitar playing and become the guitar player you deserve to be!

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