Ukulele Lessons

ukulele lessons

Want to learn to play the happiest instrument in the world?

The ukulele is one of those instruments that when I hear it, can bring an instant smile to my silly face! From simple melodies to beautifully haunting chords, the ukulele covers it all.

The ukulele is an excellent instrument for children as the neck is small and the strings light, thus making it very easy to produce ‘pretty’ sounds early on. Our first songs will be easy and enjoyable, laying the foundations for a well rounded musician. I have found that children love the ukulele because they can see (and hear) results almost instantly and have a lot of fun learning it! It also helps them with fine motor skills and dexterity in the hands and teaches good posture in the back. Learning new songs enhances memory which can be beneficial to general school work and activities too!

Can I play ukulele as an adult?

You certainly can! There are many ukulele clubs found around the UK as indeed the world, dedicated to bringing the sound of the ukulele to the public. Although a physically small instrument, it is by no means just an instrument for children. It is a fully fledged mature instrument and can bring forth complex sounds and chords to the most discerning of ears.

What we’ll learn:

  • The basic notes to get you started
  • Easy chords to play a bunch of songs with
  • Your first song
  • Left and right hand postures
  • Right hand picking techniques
  • Complex chords involving four fingers
  • Barre chords
  •  More sophisticated songs
  • Scales
  • Percussive techniques


All one-to-one ukulele lessons runs for 30 minutes. Group lessons are also available! (Please ask for more details)

£20 for a 30 minute private lesson

Booking your Course:

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