Blues Guitar Lessons Peterborough

Blues guitar lessons PeterboroughBlues is the foundation of all Rock, Jazz and Heavy Metal and the starting point of it all!

Blues is all about the feel and what you are saying on the guitar. Do you want to learn how to play lightning fast like Johnny Winter and Gary Moore but still retain the soul of the blues? Do you want to relax on a nice summer day on the porch and play some B.B. King? Or do you want the complete package Stevie Ray Vaughan gifted this world with?

Understanding and being able to play confidently the 12 Bar Blues structure is of paramount importance if you want to play the Blues convincingly. In our Blues guitar courses we will cover everything from Blues rhythms and shuffles to learning licks of the Blues heroes and then learning to say how you feel by just playing the guitar!

Here are just a few things we will work on and learn about in our Blues guitar courses:

  • Effective use of the Pentatonic and Blues Scales
  • Right Hand Technique and Posture
  • Left hand Technique and Posture
  • Making sense of the Guitar Neck
  • Finger Style Playing
  • Blues Timing and understanding Shuffle
  • Major and Minor Scales and Tonality
  • Understanding the ambiguity of the Dominant 7th Chord
  • Mastering Chord Changes
  • Fast and Aggressive Right Hand Picking
  • Practise Regimen
  • Getting the best results from of your practise time
  • Blues Guitar Repertoire and Standards
  • Blues Improvisation
  • Appreciating Bourbon (18+)
  • How to leave the competition in your dust!

Get to the next level in your Blues guitar playing and become the guitar player you deserve to be!

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