Dave Hodder

"I have known John for well over six months, and meet with him every week for lessons in the electric guitar.I know him to be well organised and reliable, and he has been very encouraging in guiding me from near-zero knowledge to my present level of playing chords and melodies from well-known songs.

John is clearly very competent in the theory of music, and we will typically start a lesson covering a concept (e.g. pentatonic scales), then spend the remaining half of a lesson putting the theory into practice.

When learning power chords, I was able to choose a song on YouTube, and John would know how to play it by ear and note down the notation we would then work on.

John is patient, fun to learn with, and I have no hesitation in recommending him as a tutor."

Dave Hodder

Wynand Bothma

"I played guitar for about 8 / 9 years and never really went for classes etc. I read from books, learned from Youtube and from friends who where better than me. I considered myself quite proficient, but I would always take very long to figure out how leads would go over certain songs that we where jamming. I became stuck on a plain were I didn’t get better and progress was frustratingly slow. A friend of mine told me about John and so I went for a demo lesson. I never looked back. He took me through the basics and we progressed to quite intricate jazzy stuff within a year. He has a great practical and easy to understand approach, which makes it exciting to learn, as you can instantly apply what you learned in your own music."
Wynand Bothma,
Sea of Green

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